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Before using any of our services, it is advisable to read all the terms and conditions very carefully. All of these terms and conditions are applicable for each of the users as well as the visitors of our website.

Copyright Statement

1. All of the content present on this website are exclusive copyrighted materials owned by You are not allowed to misuse, copy, modify, reproduce or publish the content of our website for commercial purposes. However, you might print the required content only for non-commercial purposes.

2. All of the rights stated in the policy section have been reserved with


By placing your order with us, you acknowledge the fact that you are absolutely clear with all of the agreements and statements that have been mentioned in the above and the below listed ones;

1. We would have no liability what-so-ever for any delay or interruption in accessing the website. However, we are always there to provide you any assistance that you might need.

2. All of the sources used by the experts in the assignments have been quoted according to the need.

3. We would not accept any claims for the damages or data loss caused to your PC, network or server.

4. We make use only of well-tested and trusted software. We have dedicated and experienced professionals who work round the clock to ensure smooth operation. However, we cannot guarantee that our website’s access would be absolutely error-free.

5. We would not be responsible for non-access to our website caused due to failure of equipment’s or links which are beyond our authority.

6. We have the full right to suspend the access of our website for scheduled update or maintenance.

7. All of the assignments would be done in the same academic style as discussed with the clients. All of these projects are written by the professional writers of that particular domain.

8. By placing an order, you agree to the fact that you would be paying for the efforts and the time that would go into assembling, processing as well as delivering the assignments or services.

9. It is up to us to ensure that you get projects with absolutely no plagiarism.

10. We would in no way be responsible for the failure of the student in any of the course because assignment is only a subjective matter. We have qualified and efficient experts who try their level best to solve the problems and are at all times eager to provide assistance.

11. In case of poor grades arising because of our services, we would provide rework. But, there would be no refund in any case as each of the assignment is considered as a product once it has been delivered to the client.

12. We ensure that any kind of private information of our clients would never be disclosed to anyone.

Limitation on Use

1. In order to subscribe to you must be at least 10 years of age. Students who are under 10 years of age might use our services after taking permission from their parents or legal guardian.

2. The receipt of the services opted by you are only for you and you cannot transfer the rights to someone else to access the course materials unless it has been mutually agreed in appropriate writing to do so.

3. We at, grant you limited authority so as to use our services only for personal and non-commercial purpose. You might copy, modify, distribute, download, display, transmit, perform, reproduce, publish or offer for sale any of the content from our site but only with written consent.

4. By registering on our website,, you agree that you would use the informationprovidedby the tutors only for the purpose of studies. You also agree that you would not submit this information as an original work for the purpose of grade or credit.

5. Any kind of violation of these terms and conditions to use Findassignmenthelp.comor any of its services would terminate the license that has been granted to you by us.

Fees and Payment

The company’s charges for the services that are provided by us are shown on the website of the company. However, it must be remembered that the VAT isn’t included in the listed prices. It would be added to the total cost of the order in the process of payment’s transaction. The VAT is non-refundable.

If customers’ needs a certain kind of work which cannot be specified as a regular kind of service provided by the website, the company might set their own rate for the delivery of the required services.

A client can pay for the order beforehand if the company is confident that they can assign a freelance writer to deliver the required assignment. In case the payment has been provided in advance but the company cannot assign a freelance writer so as to deliver the work, a full refund of the payment would be provided. All the other cases of the refund have been explained in the Money back guarantee webpage.

Delivery of the Product

Upon completion of the assignment, a preview is available for the customers. If the work meets the expectations of the customers, they can press the approve button and then proceed to download the assignment.

Once the customer clicks on the approve button, they can ask for a free revision within 7 days. Once the customer presses the approve button, they cannot claim for a refund.

The company cannot be held liable for any of the technical issues or delays in the delivery of the assignment which has resulted from the malfunction of the mail-server of the customer or the internet service provider of the customer.

You have 7 days to approve your order. The assignment would automatically be approved after the approval period ends. This is calculated from the time the last version of it was uploaded to the personal account of the client and in accord with the deadline.

Privacy Policy

Please refer to the Privacy Policy section of our website.

Amendment has the full authority to apply any kind of amendment in any of the terms and the conditions or in the privacy policy. However, we guarantee immediate reflection of any of the changes made ln then webpage of our website.


In case a dispute arises in connection with the terms and conditions or due to the contract between us and our customers, then you can agree to settle the conflict in good faith with us. This can be done before proceeding for a legal procedure.

Dispute Resolution

In case a dispute arises in connection with the terms and conditions or due to the contract between us and our customers, then you can agree to settle the conflict in good faith with us. This can be done before proceeding for a legal procedure.


By entering our website, reading the information or placing an order, you automatically accept the present agreement. Violation of the agreement might be subjected to penalties.

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