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Getting a PhD is a matter of great pride and achievement. When you embark on this journey, you spend a lot of time and efforts in your research. Whichever field of research you choose for your PhD, you put in years of hard work into it. This is why your PhD proposal and dissertation should be impeccable and unique. Findassignmenthelp is here to offer you full support and help in writing your PhD proposal writing Australia and many other countries.

We understand the long hours of work and dedicated efforts you put in the 5 years or more of your PhD. This is why we appreciate and understand the quality of work expected out of a PhD proposal. Findassignmenthelp has a panel of writers who have a PhD themselves, and they will help you with your proposal writing in different fields like basic sciences, law, economics, business management, finance and many others. Our services of proposal writing in Australia are ranked among the best. This is because our writers perfectly understand the quality of work that is expected out of a PhD proposal and dissertation.

Structure of PhD writing

Because we have written so many PhD proposals and thesis, we are well versed in the structure of PhD writing in all fields. The basic structure of our PhD writing services in Australia and other countries consists of the following sections:


  • Introduction

This section is the first and very important part of your PhD thesis. This section covers all the existing research in the field and introduces the research problem. Writing this section is very time-consuming. Care should be taken while writing this section because all existing research in the field has to be implemented in this section. Our writers who offer PhD writing services in Australia and many other countries understand the importance of a good introduction section in your PhD proposal and thesis.


  • Methodology

This section entails careful selection of the research methodology that is employed in the project to answer specific questions. This methodology should be backed with relevant examples stating the relevance of this method in the project. With our impeccable track record of proposal writing in Australia and many other countries, we ensure that this section is drafted with utmost care. This section is the heart of your PhD project because the method you use to answer your research problem determines the relevance of your outcome.


  • Results and discussion

In order to explain and defend the results obtained in your PhD, the proposal and thesis should include this section in a well-written manner. Our experienced writers, many of whom have a PhD themselves, understand this very well. Therefore, they ensure that this section is drafted after complete understanding of your research question and methodology. This makes our PhD writing services in Australia and UK, one of the best.


  • Literature review

Before writing a PhD proposal or thesis, a lot of research has to be done. Hundreds of research articles, book chapters and conference proceeding papers should be read before stating their findings in the context of your PhD research. This extensive literature survey is a mammoth task and our writers offering PhD writing services in Australia ensure that this section is complete and comprehensive.

When writing a document as important as your PhD proposal or thesis, you should not take any chances. Only the best in proposal writing in Australia should be entrusted with this task. Findassignmenthelp is your best choice because our team of experienced writers offers you:

  • Thorough research in your PhD topic
  • 100% unique and plagiarism free content
  • Fast completion of your work
  • Editing services to your satisfaction

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