Importance Of Referencing In Dissertation

Importance Of Referencing In Dissertation


As a student of any University, you might have to carry out the different dissertation. Different topics and other subjects in university courses require you to research and conduct important dissertation. Dissertation is a kind of long essay which is done on the particular subject that you are studying on, especially which is written for a university degree or diploma in any subject. But doing a dissertation is not an easy task and it requires a lot of different things to be kept under attention. Referencing is one of the most important of them. Do you know why Referencing is important in the dissertation? Let us have a look.


What Do You Mean By Referencing?

When you are writing a dissertation there is a lot of information and important data that you gather from various sources which have been provided by other people. Therefore referencing is a way by which you can supply evidence to the assertion that you have made in your assignment. By providing these evidence you are presenting that you are aware of the various kinds of information related to your field. Therefore, this method becomes important when you are writing a dissertation.



Writing a dissertation can be a really daunting task. But you will need to do it none the less. We mentioned that referencing is important in a dissertation and you must surely include them in your work. Now that you know what referencing is, you must also know what is the importance of referencing in the dissertation.


  • Referencing in a dissertation allows you to clearly acknowledge the correct contribution of the various writers and other researchers in your dissertation. Whenever you are attaching ideas, comments, perspectives of other writers, it must contain referencing and citations. It also supports any view or perspective you want to present to the readers.
  • Referencing not only shows that you have used the ideas or data which have been provided by other writers but it also shows that you respect their work. As a student, it is very important that you respect the views, insights, opinions and even the arguments of other individuals. Acknowledging their work is a very respected and nice gesture.
  • Referencing allows your readers to trace the original source of the information and gather more data from it. By doing this they get to know more about a certain topic and in the process, they also read your dissertation as well. Examples, footnotes, reference links direct the readers to the original source and it also shows you gave them the required credit.


Whenever you see the work of a reputed person belonging to any field, referencing will surely be present there. So these are the various reasons because of which referencing in a dissertation is so important. As a student, you need to respect and credit the work of other people whose ideas and different information have helped you to complete your dissertation and allowed you to complete it.

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