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How to structure your university assignment

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If you do not provide your assignment an understandable structure, your professor might overlook the most important points, which results in poor grades. Structuring your assignment rightly assist you to emphasize the significant pointers and display your argument in a better way. 

Plan the basic structure of your assignment by drafting an outline

The fundamental aspect that you must keep in mind while structuring your assignment is drafting an overall outline of your assignment. Before drafting the outline, check well the question that you have to write. Alongside, the marking schedule of each section should also be in your priority list. When you choose to analyze the question and its marking pattern, things regarding the structure of the assignment become clear. Doing that would help you to understand which pointer is to include. Moreover, you will know which pointer of the assignment carries the major part of the marks as well. Hence, make sure to plan an outline and leave spaces and gaps by adding the headings. Thereafter, you can fill the blank spaces with researched information.

Design your assignment in three different sections 

While drafting the outline, the thing that you must keep in your knowledge is dividing your assignment topic into three parts. It's like structuring your assignment topic similar to a drama with three acts. The essay or the questions that you have to write down must secure an introduction, a discussion, and a conclusion part. 

Introduction part 

It is the most vital part of the assignment. The introduction is the part that introduces the reader to the beginning of your topic. The introduction always has to be appealing. It must contain a brief of the overall content of the topic. This part of the assignment clarifies the sole idea of your assignment and explains its outcome at the same time. What most of you choose to do is beginning the assignment by writing the introduction. However, doing such might leave some of the brief pointing of the discussion body. Then you might think of needing to change the introduction and your whole assignment becomes a mess.

Therefore picking to write down the introductory part of your topic right after completing your whole assignment is a better idea. The introductory part of your article must consist of 10% percent of your total content. Nevertheless, depending on the topic of your university assignment, you need to maintain the correct way of framing the introduction. Chiefly, there are two basic ways of framing an introduction- the inductive manner and the deductive manner.

Inductive introduction writing guide 

If your assignment topic requires an introduction of an inductive manner, you have to start from the specific to general. The approach of such a writing guide is renowned as the bottom-up. Here, you need to start with some exact pointers and precede ending with a general conclusion. For instance, the structure of the sentence would somewhat look like this: You must begin early to show up at university vat the right time. There is massive traffic on the route.

 Deductive introduction writing guide 

When you opt to pick the deductive manner in order to frame your topic, you need to start from the general, just the opposite of the inductive style. After beginning from the general, you would have to halt at the specific. This sort of approach in a writing style is known as top-down. For example, if you write the same above sentence following the deductive style, it would look like this: For having massive traffic on my route to university, I must start early to reach at the right time.

Framing the discussion part of the main body of the assignment body

 The main body of the assignment must secure 80 percent of the total content. This portion of the assignment must have several headings and paragraphs. The best way to structure the discussion section of your assignment is to chalking the outlines and heading with a pencil as mentioned at the very beginning of the article. Make sure, not to make any mistakes while designing the headings. Focus that your content proceeds maintaining the chronological order. In simple words, the main body of the content must start with the primary idea. After that, choose to drive the paragraph with supporting ideas and pieces of evidence of the main topic. While framing the main body, create necessary pointers and describe each pointer in a separate paragraph. 

Modeling the main body of the topic is the most essential section of the assignment as it carries the main information. It is the section that reveals whether the student has understood the topic and researched well according to it. There are no such guidelines for writing the body, it relies upon individual topics and their criteria. However, generally, the discussion part might have to follow some ne4cessary attributes, those include:

    1. The main body is to be the elaboration of the introduction. Try not to add anything else that is not mentioned in the introduction section 
    2. Instead of making it descriptive, try to make the content more analytical. Doing that might help you to make your assignment different and better than regular
    3. Apart from that, what is more, important is sticking by the main pointer. Unless your essay or answer is not up to mark, your whole effort mighty go in vain    

The conclusion part   

In the conclusion section, you need to summarize the overall topic and reiterate the described argument. After that, you might display the intrusion of the content in a satisfactory tone. Similar to the introduction part, the conclusion section of your assignment must have 10 percent of the content. It means 10% introduction+ 80% main body+ 10% conclusion, your whole assignment is completed. Nevertheless, do not forget to outline the conclusion creatively.   

Proofread your writing 

When you are done with your assignment, make sure to recheck and proofread before submitting it. Proofreading and editing make both the assignment content and its structure flawless. It is better to take on the recheck activity after having a break with a fresh mind and eye. If you undertake the recheck activity just after completing the assignment, you might not come across the silly mistakes that you have committed.  

You have to follow two basic steps while going through the proofreading the assignment- 1) checking the content in details 2) cross-checking the assignment structure. 

Checking the content in detail along with the citations     

The first rule of rechecking or proofreading is going through the overall papers. Check whether you have written the exact answers and pointers based on the question. Alongside this, read each and every line to point out the spelling mistakes. Thereafter, look carefully at the punctuation marks and place them correctly wherever you missed while writing. 

 The next most essential aspect to notice cautiously is utilizing the citations or the references. If you anyhow add an incorrect citation, your university would not show any mercy. Wrong references have the highest chance of deducting marks. Therefore, whenever, you seek the assistance of any source, ensure to mention them without any mistake.

Cross-checking the assignment structure

While maintaining the major parts of the assignments, most of you overlook the minor parts. The minor parts might look ordinary, but they provide the complete appeal to your assignment. For instance, some of the university assignments require including some tables. Check properly, if you have correctly included them. The subsequent aspect that needs a recheck is page marking.  Students commonly overlook is putting the page numbers. This small thing leads to several mark deduction. Hence, make sure to add the page marking if you forget to put them while preparing the assignment.

The first page of the assignment ought to keep blank.  Just after the blank page, check well whether you have added the title page. It brings out a fresh look at your assignment. If you miss leaving a page blank and adding the title page in the beginning, make sure to add them while proofreading the assignment. Moreover, while rechecking the conclusion part, verify that you have added the overall learning outcome (LO) and the assignment brief (AB).  

Along with all these, make certain that you have added your assignment details. ID number and date on every page.    

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Making an outline of your assignment assists you in planning the ideas that you want to insert in your assignment. It helps you in organizing your thought in the right form or order. Moreover, a well structured allows you to highlight the vital parts and pointers correctly.

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