How To Write A Business Development Assignment

How To Write A Business Development Assignment

By Monica Smith

The process of Business Development is very technical. It needs proper analysis for sales and marketing. A number of things are involved with the process such as the development of the business, lead generation, sales increase, different policies and strategies and some techniques to speed up the sales by the process of marketing. Anyone who aspires to write up a decent assignment, often face problems in the aspects of information management, expansion of the business, managing customer relationship, and market planning.

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Some Broad concepts covered about business development

The term Business Development deals with the selling and growing your business. This is to make you learn about how a business is to be managed. The terms of growth and profit are also connected to the process. Business development also gives you a clear idea about ownership and starting up a venture. It is instead developing the business for a longer period of time. Find Assignment Helps provide you with your Business Development Assignments which will make you understand the part of your assignments like Types of Business and the business development methods.

Business Development: Prominent Methods and Concepts



  1. Marketing: It is the most prominent and multifold branch of Business Development. This branch covers market research, personal selling, advertisement, analysis of the consumers' behavior and many more important points which are vital to understanding.
  2. Focus on Selling: This is another most vital concept as this method puts light on the sales resource. It helps to increase the customers' base in the initial period of the business.
  3. Advertising: This segment deals with the different ways the businessman can give advertisements. Some examples are pamphlets, billboards, radio and TV ads etc.
  4. Personal Selling: This is a business development method where the representative of the business personally summons the people and describes them, what the business can offer.
  5. Business Image: Developing a business is a long-term process. It is must to grow a proper business image for any businessman so as to increase the customer’s base. Proper Public Relations, always helps in this case.
  6. Market Research: This is a very important concept to start a business the prevailing market has to be thoroughly researched. A better market research helps in increasing cash flow.
  7. Merger: This is a concept of how one business needs to merge with another to gain the capital for the development.
  8. Acquisition: It is better to take an acquisition with another business if the business does not turn out to be good.

Problems Face by the Students

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  • Understanding the concepts
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