Drafting an effective essay for college submission

Drafting an effective essay for college submission

By William Brook

During admissions, a lot of colleges demand an essay from the candidates and providing a good essay might just improve your chances of getting admitted at a good one. This is one of the best opportunities the students get to make a lasting impression on the faculty. Such essays are generally based on yourself and a lit more insight about you as person. You can include the character traits and abilities of yourself, which were missing in the application form. Taking this seriously and more of a like an project will keep you focused and allow you to make the best out of it.


There are certain ways you can ensure that the essay you’re writing is perfect.


Choosing the right topic:


Since this essay is about yourself, do fill in the paper with some of the best things about you. You can write about your dreams and aspiration and what use you will make of the opportunity if you get admission in the college you’re writing the essay to. Taking a creative approach and being yourself is one of the best ways to make this essay effective. A critic always works, so when you’re done writing, you can always ask a friend or a parent to read it and ask them how they feel about it.


Be an architect:


Being an architect here means to design your ideas in such a way that they service the purpose of producing a great essay. Not only admissions, essays can also be about different enrollment programs concerning academics or even scholarships. Writing a thesis can also help you beforehand. Sorting the best things about you and how are you planning to improve yourself everyday will always seem fair and the teacher will appreciate the honesty as well.


Writing the body:


After you are done with the topic and have thought a lot about what you want to write, its time to start with the description. Being less technical is the key. The body should always be in simple language. Even if you’re an English major, sticking to the basics might just help you. After writing the primary ideas as the introduction to the body, you should leave a gap of two to three lines. Now you can write something about the supporting ideas. Always remember that you have come out as the smart and the hard-working one. Convincing the readers will the motto here.


Conclusion is the icing:


After you’re done discussing the ideas, you can now come the conclusion, where you can discuss about your perspective on the ideas that you have already discussed. There is one thing that you should keep in mind that the conclusion is very different from the rest of the essay. Providing some strong sentences which generally come from the emotions stored inside you is always the best way to have an impact on the minds of the readers. This can simply be done by going through what you have already written and provide some finishing touches on those same points.


Now that you are almost done, you can review your essay, make necessary changes, get a trustworthy critic and submit it. Good luck! 

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