CDR Report for Electrical Engineer

CDR Report for Electrical Engineer

By Jennifer Lawrence

Electrical engineering is known as one of the most primitive domain in engineering. In this engineering, application of electric power and electromagnetism are studied. This engineering also contains a portion from physics which has grown in the late 19th century. This vast field contains several and different types of electrical sub – topics such as circuit theory, signal processing, microprocessor, electronics, power, control system and many other topics. The undergraduate program that has been developed by different universities is capable of providing a basic scientific and mathematical knowledge and at the same time, it helps the students to get familiar with the equipments and their uses so that the students can flourish in this domain of engineering.

Qualification to Apply for Electrical Engineers–233311

Each and every engineering field are differentiated with a unique code and it also varies from nation to nation. In Australia, electrical engineers are offered ANZSCO 233311 as the code. Electrical engineers from different countries come to Australia for flourishing their skills in this particular field, but in order to do so, each and every one of them must go through a CDR assessment. This assessment is required for getting the code, ANZSCO 233311. This migration skill assessment is guided by EA in order to accommodate the foreign students in the engineering field in Australia.

Along with the assessment, all the students must be properly qualified according to the requirements mentioned in the Handbook of Engineers Australia Migration Skills. The eligibility requirements are listed below:

  1. Each and every student must complete 12 years of schooling or equivalent
  2. Each and every student must have a four years’ bachelor’s degree in the field of electrical engineering
  • The formal degree and qualification is mandatory, but at the same time, the candidate must have a considerable real – life or practical field in the field of electrical engineering
  1. The student should have scored higher than the cut – off score in the IELTS exam ( International English Language Testing System )
  2. Each and every candidate must have scored greater than or equal to 6.0 in all four modules of the English Language Test ( the test includes listing abilities, reading, writing and degree of fluency in speaking )
  3. It has to be ensured that the test sheet is not more than two years older from the date on which the application is received.



The Task of Electrical Engineers – ANZSCO 233311 in EA

The below mentioned tasks are the tasks that an electrical engineer must perform in the occupational field in Australia;

  1. Planning of the production of the electrical equipments and machines
  2. Designing of the production of the electrical equipments and machines
  • Administering the application of the power equipments that are being used or need to used in the power stations and substations.
  1. Determining the arrangements of the transmission lines, circuit breakers, electrical circuits and transformers and other associated objects
  2. Generating the electrical motors motor appliances and motor equipments
  3. Performing the activities for interpreting drawings, standards, usage of the equipments, regulations of the equipments and other standards
  • Must remain responsible for scheduling the installations and delivering of the electrical machines, switching gears, transmitting the cables and other fittings
  • Administering the operations and maintaining the power plants, substations, power stations, transmission units and distribution unit
  1. Conducting the research in the field of power generation, control system, switch gear, transformers, generators, electrical motors, power transmission system, power distribution system and also in the flied of power generation



Sample CDR for Electrical Engineers

A sample of CDR is included below for helping students so that they can prepare their own CDR:

1.1 Introduction

Chronology: ( Include all dates )

Geographical Location: ( Include location )

 Designation: ( Include Designation )

1.2 Background

1.2.1) I used to work as an electrical engineer from 23rd May, 2005 to 10th March, 2011. During this period, I had to deal will many major projects related to power system and electrical power distribution stations. I was responsible for administering the entire process.

1.2.2) I implemented all my knowledge and skills that I obtained during the graduation course in Electrical engineering. During my projects, I have improved my technical skills significantly. I became competent in using all the equipments and machines in electrical engineering field.

1.3 Career Episodes

Career episode 1: I was recruited as an electrical engineer in the field of power distribution station, in UHDE. The period of this project was 25th January 2006 to 12th August 2008.

Career episode 2: I was recruited as an power station engineer in the field of electrical engineering, in CPGL. The period of this project was 12th July 2009 to 10th August 2010.

Career episode 3: I was recruited as an electrical engineer in an electrical engineering firm. The period of this project was 25th September 2010 to 12th August 2011.

 1.4 Summary Statement

By evaluating the above experiences, I can say that I have gained adequate knowledge in the field of electrical engineering and my skills ( technical skills ) have improved significantly. I have experience of laboratory work as well as field work. I know that I can use my knowledge and skills to prevent future hazards in the electrical engineering field.

1.5 Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Objective: I am interested to use my knowledge and skills in a competitive environment so that I provide the best service and at the same time, I can flourish in the field of electrical engineering.

Education: (This portion includes school and University degree, grades or marks with date and other certificates and skills)

Experience: (This section includes all the experiences in proper sequence with time frame )


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