Application Of SPSS, R-software, Stats, MiniVAN, Tableau, Rapid Miner

Application Of SPSS, R-software, Stats, MiniVAN, Tableau, Rapid Miner

By Jennifer Laurence

When you run a business it becomes very vital that you know and learns about various software which would help you to get more sophisticated solutions to your work. Some of the modern and advanced software includes - SPSS, R-software, Stats, Minivan, Tableau and Rapid Minor. All of these are essential software which is required by different business operators for carrying out various activities related to their work.


  • SPSS - statistical package for the social sciences or SPSS is a brilliant application which helps you in handling different quantitative data. You can now extensive and well researched statistical tests.


  • R Software - R is a software programme language which is engaged in providing the users with free statistical computing and graphics. R software is used widely by statisticians and data developers for analyzing and recreating various software or statistical information.


  • MiniVAN - this is an application which us allows various campaigns and institutions to collect data and information about the people and sync their information to the servers of the organization. All of this is done online on the servers.


  • Tableau - this software provides accurate and fast analytical data and intelligence. It helps you to visualize different structured data and then also allows you to create brilliant graphs and reports in a matter of minutes.


  • Rapid Miner - rapid miner is a business which is also used for various commercial needs like research, education and research. The software allows learning the different process by data collection, vizualisation, optimization etc.


So these are the various applications of all these software which can help your business and other work in a much more sophisticated manner. These applications make our work much easier and in turn lets us to save a lot of time and effort along with precisely extracted data. Now let us have a look at why these applications are important and why are they necessary in general.


  • Business Analytics - every kind of business requires a different analysis and other collections of data to perform in a good manner. Analytics is a very important source of data for any business. Without the right set of data, you will not be able to progress the right way. This software help you to gather various data and other important components which are required for your business.


  • Data Analytics - data analytics is also important because without mining the right data you will not get ample source of information. Mining various data requires different methods and to present them in a manner which will be easier to understand is even more difficult a task. Therefore we use this software to help us with these chores.


So these are some of the important reasons because of which software like SPSS, R-software, Stats, MiniVAN, Tableau, Rapid Miner are required nowadays in almost every kind of business or commercial workhouse. Without the help of these softwares it will not be possible to produce a correct and precise form of data which will help your company to progress in the right way.

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