Application of NVivo Software

Application of NVivo Software


NVivo is an application which efficiently helps you to organise and at the same time analyze different kinds of non-numerical data which can also be unstructured. The application allows the users to sort, classify and assemble the information, examine it and also give it the right structure which is required to make it clear and effective. The researcher or the person who is analysing the data can test the different theories, trends and information about it in different ways by using various search engines.


NVivo is an application which consists of a wide range of methods and research tactics which includes network analysis, organizational analysis or even research which is based on evidence. NVivo also supports different data formats which are videos, digital photos, Word, PDF, office spreadsheets and web and data from social media.


NVivo therefore, makes it possible for you to carry out your data bard research and qualitative analysis much easier. It is versatile and can be easily used by anyone who learns how it can function and some few other important mechanisms.



Ways NVivo Can Help In Thematic Analysis

If you want to make a successful and proper thematic analysis, then using the NVivo software is your best option. As we mentioned in the above section how versatile it is and now we are going to discuss ways NVivo can help in thematic analysis.


  • Versatile Media Support - with the help of NVivo you can work with a huge variety of different data and sources. These include text documents, journal articles, social media posts and data, content from the web, images and many other media sources. This enables you to carry out your thematic research on a specific topic in a much better manner due to such versatile media support.


  • Quick And Responsive - NVivo is one of the quickest and responsive thematic analysis software that you can find. It allows you to quickly assemble, store and extract data from different sources without any kind of hassles. So you can also save a lot of time and effort while doing such an extensive analysis related to a theme.


  • Examine Your Content - with the help of NVivo software you will be able to examine and check the different content which you have inserted in the theme. You can also analyse the structure of the content and check for any kind of problems or loopholes. Since you will be able to examine the content it becomes easier for you to rectify mistakes.


  • Gather Correct Evidence - with the help of NVivo and it's brilliant versatility of analysing different sources, you will be able to get all the correct evidence which is required to support your research and analysis. When you are carrying out a research you will need good and strong evidence to support your study and cause.


So as you can see here are the different ways NVivo can help in the thematic analysis in a brilliant manner with all the important things that need attention.

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