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Analysis Model for Marketing Assignments

By Edward Lewis

Marketing Assignments are often complicated and require analyzing a Company along with its products. Our Experts at Find Assignment Help suggest using PESTLE or SLEPT analysis for macro marketing environmental analysis to depict professionalism.  PESTLE abbreviated form for political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors and SLEPT abbreviation for Socio-cultural factors, Legal, economic, political and technological factors allows a logical flow of content. Organisations devise strategies by studying their external and internal environment.

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The key component of external environment analysis includes macro-factor analysis and industry analysis. In order to understand macro forces within work in the industry a PESTLE or SLEPT analysis of its factors has to be done. Every country or a location has its inherent factors that determine working of an industry.

  • Political systems can be understood by means of governmental regulators, political parties influences, bureaucratic pressures and policies on businesses.
  • Economic factors can be analyzed by understanding market-related factors as market stability, regulators, policies, currency rates, inflation rates and levels of employment.
  • Social factors are those which are demographically connected as income levels, the age of the population, level of working population, any cultural specifics and so on.
  • Technological factors are state of art technology, existing platforms and wide-spread use and other factors determine its impacts.
  • Legal factors are those that are connected to judiciary systems with laws and regulations prevailing within the country. Labor laws, worker’s health and safety laws and other laws are an integral part of legal factors for any country.
  • Environmental concerns are rising recently with increasing global warming and greenhouse gas effect. Companies are regulatory bodies are aiming at reducing carbon footprints by reducing wastages, incorporating costs effective ways of recycling and investing in green energy.     

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